I have decided to write a Blog about growing up in Baltimore in the late 50’s and 60’s. The reason the site is called Baltimore Stoops is because ‘stoop sitting’ was a popular pastime for folks back then on those hot summer nights. They would sit out front on the stoops with the pitcher of beer(if money allowed) and watch the activity taking place during those steamy nights in the city. I’ve often said that..

Snow Days in Baltimore

Living here in the Mid-Atlantic area of the country, our winters are usually fairly mild, while we do get the occasional heavy snowfall, we oftentimes go through the winter without any major snow storms. I was thinking about this on the way back from the store yesterday as I experienced once again the primordial hunter/gathering instinct kick in at the supermarkets as people rushed to get their milk, bread and toilet paper. It has to..

Baltimore’s Best Athletes Through the Decades

Growing up in Baltimore in the 60’s, sports was a major part and influence in my life. Not only did I participate in neighborhood sports such as baseball, football, basketball, and others, but I also followed the local sports teams; the Baltimore Orioles, the Baltimore Colts, the Baltimore Bullets and even the Baltimore Clippers. If I wasn’t playing sports, I would oftentimes be watching or going to the games at Memorial Stadium or the Civic..

New Year’s Past and Present.

Another year has come and gone and while some celebrated, many others said good riddance to one of the worst years that most of us have ever experienced. Between the Covid-19 virus and the ensuing lockdowns that are still occurring which has devastated economies around the world, well, there hasn’t been much to celebrate. I was thinking of New Year’s past, and growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s, and I recall some..

Moments Frozen In Time

As we get older, it seems that the days run together and most days seem to be similar to the one before, and the weeks that went before that, the months, years and so on. “The older you get, the faster time goes by” is the refrain you hear from most people past the age of forty. I would offer my opinion that the primary reason that this seems to be the case is that..

Dead Zones and the End of History

When you look around at what’s going on in many of America’s big cities, you have to wonder what is going to be left intact when it’s all said and done? While some would call what’s going on an ‘awoke’ protest to what they consider racial injustice, others would call it more appropriately orchestrated rioting and anarchy. Regardless of what side of the political and cultural spectrum you reside in, it would be hard to..

Shorty Long and Willie Lump Lump

Looking back at my childhood years, I have often said that there were more characters in that little S.W. Baltimore neighborhood than anywhere else. These individuals were not noteworthy in the sense of accomplishment or what the world would consider people of importance but to many of us growing up during that time they acquired a bit of status in the sense that most in the neighborhood recognized them instantly by the name. While the..

You’ve Got to Keep Them Separated

The song ‘Come Out and Play’ by the Offspring talks about the insanity of gang violence and how the littlest thing can be a sign of disrespect and leads to violence among the gangs, whether Bloods and Crips, or others, and how you need to keep them separated. Here in Baltimore and other places we’ve been told that we have to keep ‘social distance’ between us and therefore we have to keep ‘us’ separated. As..

Bullying the Bullies

Bullies have existed ever since man was first hatched. They are as much a part of life as taxes, death, and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Bullies come in all colors and genders, and they exist in all areas and occupations. Just about all of us will encounter a bully or two along the way, or perhaps we will be the bully. In any event, being a very shy boy with extremely low self esteem, I..

One Eye Wilson

I’ve often thought that there were more characters in that little area of Baltimore that I grew up in than anywhere else, but it was probably the same in every little neighborhood back then. Most, like the Boo-Boo’s lived in the area but some would pass through on a regular basis. I should also add that being very shy, and reading a lot when I was younger, some I created with my own imagination. That..

It ‘Don’t’ Matter

I remember many years ago talking to a guy I worked with back around the time Marion Barry was among the living commenting on the fact that I couldn’t believe that the people would elect Barry to office after the video came out showing him smoking crack, was convicted of a crime, went to jail, and later was elected as Mayor of D.C. Ken, a tall soft spoken Black guy responded to my comments with..