Year: 2019

In Baltimore…Nothing Changes on New Year’s Day

As the ball gets ready to drop up in Times Square to ring in another New Year, in Baltimore, when in comes to violence and murder, nothing changes on New Year’s Day, for no matter how many ‘Candle Light Marches’, no matter how many times we have political leaders in Baltimore come out with statements like, “the killing has to stop” or “the level of violence in Baltimore is unacceptable” or “us killing us equals..

To the Kids of Baltimore…From Santa

“It was with heartfelt sadness that we came to the decision to bypass Baltimore this year because after much forethought Mrs.Claus and I decided that it was just too dangerous for Santa and his reindeer to venture into some Baltimore neighborhoods at night as we also read the news up here at the North Pole and are aware of all the violence there. Besides, with so many houses in Baltimore falling down, it would be..

White Christmas in Baltimore? Just a Dream

After riding around for the last couple of weeks and listening off and on to mostly dead people singing about ‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’, I thought I would check to see when we had a truly ‘White Christmas’ and found that it was back in 1966! In fact, history says that we have about a 10% chance of a White Christmas in Baltimore. Even Allegheny County in Western Maryland only has about a 28%..

The Acropolis

My brother sent me a link the other day with a story about the closing of the Acropolis Restaurant in Greektown after 30 some years in business. It brought back memories of another Acropolis in Fells Point back when disco was hot, and it was a place that you could go to dance or just hang out and have a drink and watch others do their thing. I spent some time at the Acropolis back..

Hair On The Range

One of the funniest and most politically incorrect movies made back during the early 70’s was ‘Blazing Saddles’. It had many hilarious scenes but one that I particularly liked and is relevant to this true story was when ‘Mongo’ the big dumb guy played by Alex Karris sticks his head down into the fire to light his cigar. Well, back in the 70’s when we lived on McHenry Street in Baltimore we had a friend..

Baltimore Christmas Parade…1963

A Baltimore Christmas Parade 1963 in Downtown Baltimore. Check out some of those floats! I don’t know if it’s just me, but the music had me wanting to cry.

The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

Like most men from his era, my father wasn’t prone to excessive talk, and when he did it wasn’t usually a long drawn out lecture or anything like that but something quite concise and to the point. Not having much formal education but plenty of real world education such as growing up as a teenager during the Great Depression and then going off to war to spend nearly the next four years in Europe fighting..

Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday was my father’s birthday. He was born on December 3, 1918, which means that he would be 101 if he were alive today. December is a month of birth dates in my family as my father was born December 3, mother December 9, and my brother Tom on December 14 which indicates that nine months before December must have been a pretty hot time in my family. Sometimes I try to imagine what my..

The Deep Freeze of 1977

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the calendar has turned from November to December, the cold dark bone chilling days of December are upon us. My father used to say about those kind of days that it’s ‘raw’ outside. Still, we don’t seem to get the kind of winters that we used to, and except for an occasional ‘ringer’ thrown in every once in a while like the ice storms of 1993 or the blizzards..

Thanksgiving Memories

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and while it was always one of my favorite holidays, it’s not the same as it was when I was a young lad and had all the family with us. Even though we were quite poor, my folks managed to put together quite the spread for Thanksgiving. The day usually started with the Parade’s, including the Macy’s and the rest, and then about noon or so, it was time to..