First Memories of School

One of the earliest memories I have of any substance is attending Mrs Lockhart’s Kindergarten class at Besty Ross Elementary School on Millington Avenue in Southwest Baltimore. I’m not really sure if she was a Mrs. or a Miss but she was definitely not a Ms. Mrs. Lockhart was a kindly lady as you would expect for someone dealing with kids around the age of five. In any event, Mrs/Miss Lockhart would keep us entertained for a few hours each day by reading us stories, play period, nap time and of course milk and cookies.

Kindergarten class lasted for about three hours and was useful in getting us prepared for the structure of the school routine that would last for many years to come. I’m sure that the parents appreciated the break as well as most families back then had several other kids in the household to look after. While it’s practically unheard of today, somehow most of the families got by with just the father working, while the mother would stay home and look after the house and kids.

Today, what was once called ‘Kindergarten’ class is now called pre-schooling as everything seems to have a different name and connotation to it. Of course this was back before the dawn of ‘political correctness’, when it was just about letting kids be kids and not infusing them with questions of gender and other weighty societal issues that a five year old has no reason to be thinking about. Looking back, Kindergarten class was a fun time as it was before the ‘real’ schooling began and we were still allowed to be kids.

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