Sacrifice Zones

Chris Hedges talks about ‘Sacrifice Zones of America’ and when I think about the Southwest Baltimore neighborhood that I grew up in, I think you could say that the old neighborhood is a victim as well. While there may be many reasons for it, the truth is that the S.W. Baltimore neighborhood that I grew up in like many other urban areas in the U.S. has been reduced to urban wastelands with rows of boarded up houses and the drug business being the only viable business in those areas.

But as I mentioned in another post, there was a time when we had most of the necessities for a somewhat quality life even if it was somewhat limited by today’s standards. We had jobs, schools, social activities, restaurants, car dealerships, and probably most importantly, we had stability. When you look at the old neighborhood today, it can be really depressing. You look at the people living there, and many of them look like the walking dead, drugged out, and without hope.

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I don’t know if this area of Baltimore like many other urban areas can ever be rehabilitated as there doesn’t seem to be the economic incentive for the city to do so. If it wasn’t for the Saint Agnes hospital complex that has expanded much since the 60’s, the whole area would be more of a wasteland than it already is. The only businesses that exist in the ghetto area surrounding Brunswick down to Fulton are a few Korean corner stores and a few scattered Chinese carryouts. They seem to be the only ones willing to risk life and limb to try and make a living in these blighted areas. I use to walk those streets at night without fear of being mugged or worse, but now I’m not sure I would chance walking them during the light of day. Vampires do exist during the day in S.W. Baltimore.