The Games We Played

Looking back, it seemed we never lacked for imagination when finding things to get into. For those of us who were sports minded, we created all sorts of games like Tradeball, Wallball, Curb-ball, Strikeouts, Alleyball, etc. But even if sports wasn’t your thing, there was always things to get into. Down in the woods, we played a game called ‘Chicken’ in which there was a rope tied to a tree branch high up in the tree and the object was with a knife in hand or mouth, one would try to stick the knife as high up on the hill as possible. This was done down at the Gwynns Falls River, and a few took a dive in the river trying to get the knife stuck a little bit higher up the hill and loosing their grip on the swing as it swung back over the river and consequently taking a unplanned dip. Usually no one was worst for wear but some did suffer some pretty nasty injuries, Bob Mathers could testify to that.

We also played some other games like Redline, Ghost and other sorts of games involving a couple of groups that would involve capture and escape. There were also some more ‘painful’ games like ‘Belt’ and ‘Knucks’. Belt was played at night up at 68 schoolyard where one person would hide the belt somewhere in the schoolyard, and the person who found it could whip the rest of the group with it all the way back to base, which happened to be the backstop of one of the corners of the yard. Knucks was played with a deck of cards and the person that lost the hand would have his knuckles smashed with the deck of cards until quite swollen. That game was usually done in some alley in the heat of the day where several of us would sit around in the shade and get our knuckles smashed.

These were just some of things that we kept ourselves entertained with before the advent of the computer.Yep, there was life before the Internet.

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