Rufus… The Rubber Toothed Dog

There was a family that lived in the big Red House at the corner of Dulany and Millington known as the Hyles. They had the misfortune of being situated across from the schoolyard where we played ball and when playing Strikeouts, a good hit would oftentimes mean that the Hyles were going to lose a window. The Hyles had several dogs, and one of them was a old tan colored dog named Rufus. The story was that whenever a ball would go in the yard, some of the kids would try and coax the younger and more naive ones to go in the yard by telling them that Rufus had rubber teeth and couldn’t hurt you. Well, I never did find out if it was true although I would tend to bet that old Rufus had old Rufus teeth but they also had a couple of other dogs and I found out while standing a little too close to the fence that the other copper colored dog definitely had teeth as he reached though the gap in the fence and bit me on the leg. It swelled up pretty quickly and hurt a good bit. After that, I wasn’t interested in finding out if Rufus had rubber teeth or not as I was quite sure that the other dogs in the yard with Rufus also had the real deal.

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