Before Westside Shopping Center..There was Tony’s Junkyard

Most people younger than threescore and ten don’t know that before Westside Shopping was built a good portion of it was a junkyard we called Tony’s Junk Yard. It was a typical collection of beat up cars and a place where cars went to spend their last days before being transported to the slaughterhouse at United Iron and Metal. While I don’t remember much about it as the junkyard was getting ready to be transformed into a shopping center but I do remember walking through there one day when I was a kid and as I recall it had snowed the day before and it must have been a pretty deep snow or perhaps it was because I was only 2 feet and 6 inches tall but I remember hitting some deep spots where I sank up almost to my waist, and was quite scared that the snow was going to swallow me up.

Tony also had a barber shop on Frederick Avenue up near what would be today the Frederick Elementary School. I don’t know if Tony was actually cutting hair or just owned the shop as I remember he wore glasses that were thicker than an old Coke bottle. Mr. Magoo had nothing on Tony. I just can’t imagine him having anything sharp in his hands around your neck. (Oops, that’s ah okay, they canna sew thata eara back ah on ah). I imagine he made a fortune when he sold the land that is now Westside Shopping Center, but I don’t recall whatever happened to him as the last I remember the shops that use to sit on Frederick Avenue fell into disrepair and were eventually torn down.

Sort of what Tony’s glasses looked like.