Living Large on a Quarter at Hay’s Grocery Store

I remember back in the mid 60’s going with my mother out to a house in Arbutus that she would clean every so often. When we got back, my mother would usually give me a quarter and I would go down to Hay’s corner store at the bottom of Dulany Street and grab some goodies to take back home to enjoy while watching ‘Flipper’ and other shows. The thing that sticks out in my mind is how much a quarter would buy back then. I could get a 16 ounce soda, a bag of chips, an ice cream and some penny candy with that quarter. Of course back then you could also get a gallon of gas for about $.35 cents(I know because I worked at a Sunoco gas station for a while back in the late 60’s), the minimum wage was about $1.40 and you could list the price of a whole lot of things that seem impossible by today’s standards. People give a lot of reasons for rising prices but it basically comes down to the fact that we have had a fiat money system for many years, and went completely off the Gold Standard in 1971. If we had never gone off of the Gold Standard, the odds are that you could still get those same items at the now Korean grocery store for the same prices.