Hell on Wheels

My brother Rick is a pretty sharp guy, he seems to know a bit about a lot of things. However, bicycling is not his forte. In fact, if they posted wanted pictures on the walls of Bicycle shops back then, his picture would be front and center. Case number one; I had just gotten a shiny Red bicycle for Christmas, one of the old heavy metal Red ones that were popular years ago. Well, I believe it was about two days later when Rick decided to try and take the bike down the hill at Gwynns Falls Park, wiping out and pushing the petal back into the frame so as to make the bike unusable . The bike sat down in the basement until we got rid of it, never to feel the tires on the road again.

Case number two; Rick and I had both awoke to find new bikes one Christmas morn, the kind that had the long banana seats. As he has related many times, he got shortchanged in that deal as I got the Green one with the gear shifter while he was stuck with the Gold bike with the Tiger seat. In any event, we were out riding with a couple of other kids probably a day or so after Christmas, I believe Rick Steirer was one of them, as we were cruising down East Lynn Street coming upon Adams bar when being in front I could see a man coming down from the back door of Adam’s bar getting ready to cross the street. I yelled back to my brother to watch out for the man, and as the man stepped into the street I again told the others to watch out. Well my brother watched out alright, running right into the man, knocking him down, change flew everywhere, and tore the mans pants in the process. The man, obviously feeling no pain after imbibing on his favorite drink for some time thought the whole thing was funny as he sat down on the curb with the dazed look that people often have when they’re ‘three sheets to the wind’. We revoked Rick’s license after that, as he was obviously a danger to himself and others when he was anywhere near a two wheeler.

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