United Iron and Metal

A fixture in the neighborhood for as long as I can remember is United Iron and Metal. It’s the place where used up cars(and sometimes bodies) go to be smashed into square blocks and where neighborhood locals can gather up some discarded junk metal to turn into a couple of bucks. I remember being over at the B&O railroad tracks with a couple of guys and they showed me how easy it was to walk into the back of the Iron and Metal’s yard, grab a couple of small motors(used for appliances and such)take them home, strip out the copper and sell it back to them. The people at the Iron and Metal probably knew what the deal was, but took the copper anyway as the hard part of extracting the copper was done by us and only gave up a few cents in exchange.

Another thing I remember back then was down towards the end of Brunswick Street, they had some World War II tanks sitting in the yard, and we would climb over the fence when no one was around and climb inside the tanks. Even back then, it amazed me how small the room inside the tank was, hardly enough room for four grown men to fit into. My father was in one of those tanks in WW II for several years over in Europe, so now as I am older, I can appreciate what they had to endure just to survive. The movie ‘Fury’ is a good one to watch to get some idea of what they went through as part of a Tank Battery. Anyhow, the tanks are long gone, but the United Iron and Metal continues to demolish cars and provide a little sustenance for the neighborhood crew trying to get by.

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