Open Door Policy

There are many things that have changed over the years and one of them that sticks out and seems rather crazy when looking at today’s world is the fact that most of the folks back then never locked their doors during the daylight hours, and this is Baltimore City we are talking about.. I remember being out for hours and coming home and walking right into the house as the door was hardly ever locked during the day unless we were trying to hide from the bill collectors. You didn’t have to worry about somebody coming into your house and doing something dastardly as it just didn’t happen much back then.

There was a woman in the neighborhood named Genevie(Don’t think that’s how it was spelled, but that’s what everybody caller her). Genevie was probably in her 40’s or so when I remember seeing her but it was hard to tell as she had some severe facial defects. There were rumors that she fell out of the upstairs window and other speculations but believe it was just birth defects. In any event, she would make her rounds every day, going from her home on Lehman Street to the other nearby streets and my mom could usually count on her showing up sometime during the day. She would just walk right on in and up the steps to the kitchen where my mother would oftentimes be cooking something. Genevie would usually go over and try to sample whatever was on the stove, and would have to be led away as to not burn herself from the stove. She was harmless and had the habit of asking the same questions over and over again regardless of how many times you answered her. After a few moments of this she would wander off to her next location.

As hard as it may seem to us today, back then people would leave their doors unlocked, and didn’t worry about someone coming in and doing us harm. It was a different world back then, back when we had nothing materially speaking, but had everything in other ways that really matter.

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