Little Man

There was a guy that would show up now and again in Southwest Baltimore, and was known by the name ‘Little Man’. Although you never knew when he would arrive in town, he always wound up down in the woods on Wilkens Avenue near the railroad tracks. When the kids on top of the hill would spot him, they would start shrieking, “it’s Little Man, it’s Little Man”. Some would then start to toss rocks down at him as Little Man bounced around like an ape with arms hanging down by his side, and moving around in the woods, disappearing and reappearing again. The thing about Little Man was that he was anything but little as he appeared to be well over six feet tall. Word has it that Little Man was actually a character from the neighborhood and a name has been brought up, I even asked him one time if he was the infamous Little Man, he just laughed and ignored the question. Anyhow, there have been a couple of occasions where others tried to emulate Little Man but they were soon found out. Some of you may know who Little Man actually was, but I’ll leave it a mystery as to who I believe donned the mask and gave those woods and kids a scare.