Westside Skateboarding

Skateboarding is big business today. You have skateboard parks, skateboarding stars getting big endorsements, and I believe there’s even skateboarding Olympics. Back in the day we had a different version of skateboarding. We would take a 2×4 and a pair of old metal skates, take the skates apart and put one end of the skate on the front of the board, and the back end of the skate on the back of the board, you would also usually have another 2×4 cross ways at the front with a rope attached to both ends to give you a bit of steering control. Then add a flat board that you nail to the long 2×4 as a seat and voila, a Poor Boy’s Skateboard. We would start at the top of Dulany St, and proceed down the hill until you got to the intersection of Dulany and East Lynn where you had to make a sharp maneuver to continue down towards Brunswick Street and you would hope that no cars would be coming down East Lynn as you didn’t always have lookouts at the bottom of the hill. Amazingly, they seemed to work pretty well, and I don’t remember anyone getting hit by a car. There was always a bit of ingenuity to be found back then among the local lads.

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