Month: July 2019


One of things that I recall from back in the 60’s was that several people in the area kept and raised pigeons. While I remember seeing several pigeon coops, Mr. Murphy a few houses up from us on Dulany Street had the best setup. Mr. Murphy had a large coop at the bottom of his yard and he kept quite a few pigeons in there. I recall that he would cut them loose every evening..

Monumental Paper Company Fire

I don’t know how many other people remember the Monumental Paper Company fire that happened back somewhere in the early 60’s but that was one of the biggest fires that I can recall, and oddly enough, there’s no mention of it anywhere on the internet or Baltimore papers. For those that don’t know, the company was located over next to the Union Stockyards in Southwest Baltimore close to Morrell Park. The fire burned all night,..

Canada Dry Follies

A friend called me one afternoon and said that his cousin who worked at Canada Dry over in Lansdowne had been on the phone with him and told him that they were really short of help and could use a couple of people tonight and asked if he knew of anyone that would be interested? Well, since I was living a ‘Bohemian’ existence working here and there when the opportunity and spirit moved me, I..

Westside Shopping Center

When Westside Shopping Center was built in 1962, it had an immediate impact upon the people who lived in the area. Up until that time, most of the residents shopped at the local corner grocery stores for food and other necessities. Corner stores such as Mergenhan’s with their sawdust covered floor, Hay’s Corner Store, Fred’s up on Millington Avenue, James and other local corner stores had supplied the needs of the residents for many years…

Mr. Harry

I will try to do this story justice, but it’s one of those experiences where you really had to be there to appreciate it. As I look back on it, it worked out so well that it seemed to have been planned out but I believe it was just a spur of the moment idea that played out very well. Let me mention who was involved in the play; there was Milton Fiefel, my brother..

November 23, 1971

This date most likely doesn’t bring memories of anything in particular, but for several families and employees of Pittsburgh Plate and Glass on Frederick Avenue in Baltimore, it was a tragic day as an employee walked into the plant with a couple of rifles and killed 5 people and wounded another. I knew several people who worked there at the time, and fortunately, none of them were victims but looking at the names of the..

Mrs Griffith…A Schoolboy’s Nightmare

Thinking back to schoolboy days and the teachers that i had, if you’re like me, there was probably a couple of teachers that you really liked that stood out from the rest, a couple that you didn’t care for, and many you don’t remember much at all. However, for me, the one teacher that I would have to say really comes to mind in a not so positive way and I disliked the most, a..

Montgomery Wards

Montgomery Wards was located at Washington Blvd. and Monroe Street and was a Baltimore landmark for many years. I worked out of there for several summers while working for Mr. Murphy who had a Plumbing and Heating company and did all of the subcontracting work for them, installing water heaters in Baltimore and all around the surrounding counties. What most people don’t know is that they had an underground rail system similar to what miners..

It’s Krall, Not Kraw!

Yea, the title is a cheap rip off of a line from the ‘Get Smart’ T.V. series, which actually was a pretty funny show. The opening scene with the numerous doors reminds me of a place that I go to from time to time down in D.C. at Dupont Circle. The building has a similar setup in that when you go to exit into the garage, there are four heavy doors that you have to..

Dan’s Sub Shop

You really can’t speak of growing up in that Southwest Baltimore neighborhood without mentioning Dan’s Sub Shop. I don’t know if it opened in the early or mid 1960’s but Dan’s seemed to be an immediate hit. Dan’s business seemed to bring a certain energy and vitality to the neighborhood as it became the focal point for much of the activity, both day and night. One of the unique things about Dan’s is that it..