July 4, 1976

As I got back to the warehouse down near the airport tonight, I arrived just in time for the Glen Burnie fireworks display to start. While I’m not a big fireworks person any longer, they did put on a fantastic display, shooting off fireworks for about 30-40 minutes, the crowd definitely got their money’s worth. While most of the fireworks displays that I’ve been to sort of blend together, there is one that I recall with fondness. The year was 1976 and was the celebration of the Bicentennial. The event was held down at Fort McHenry and they had quite a few celebrities for the festivities including Ed McMahon from the Tonight show and I believe John Davidson was there as well.

Everybody seemed to have a great time, and I don’t remember any fights or things like that. I know that Bob and I had such a good time that we stayed early into the morning. It’s strange the inconsequential things that you recall but one of the things that I remember that we both got a kick out of was two guys probably in their 30’s bare chested, beer gut and all, right in front of us dancing to the music and doing the ‘bump’. Those guys didn’t care that two grown men were banging butts with each other, they were having a good time. Bob and I were as well, although we didn’t consider doing the ‘bump’ for one second. We both had a manly image to uphold, after all, this was 1975!

In any event, we stayed until the sun came up and things finally slowed down. It was quite the celebration and one of the few where I endured the large crowd and all the things that came with it without regretting having gone. Since I don’t imagine I’ll be around for the ‘Tricentennial’, it was nice to have celebrated a historic moment celebrating the founding of the country.

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