Walking Tour of the Old Stomping Grounds

My brother Rick and I did a walking tour of the old neighborhood and places therein. We’ll see if anyone can guess who used to live here for about 10 years? It’s the Red Brick building.

Actually, the red brick row house was our place of residence from the late 50’s up until 1966, when I believe we finally had to move as the landlord either decided to sell, or got tired of trying to chase down the rent money. Next door to us on the right side was the Nida’s and to the left where there is no longer a house was the Gallion’s, going up the street was the Miller family, the Murphy’s, the Gorman’s, the Lerch’s and so on.

The picture below that is where Dan’s Sub Shop was located back in the 60’s. Although you would never know it by looking at it now, it was the happening place back then. It was the place where many of the younger kids would congregate in the evenings and weekends. Next door to Dan’s lived the ‘Boo Boo’s’, Augie and the rest.

Many years have passed since those days, and as the pictures show, the neighborhood has changed. Still, the first memories for many of us began in that little neighborhood, and those humble rowhomes.

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