Weenie Miller

I have to admit that most of what I heard about Weenie Miller was second hand knowledge and while I did see him sitting on the side steps at Pinky’s bar a few times obviously feeling no pain, the only exchange I had with him that I remember was Weenie grinning and saying, “stick with those birds”., referring to the Baltimore Orioles. Word has it that Weenie was quite a ballplayer at one time until the wine bottle got the better of him. Who really knows the life story of anyone and what leads them to turn to alcohol or drugs to the point where it completely takes control of their life, but really as they say, “except for the Grace of God it could have been any of us”. Anyway, the story is that when winter weather started to approach, Weenie would do some relatively harmless thing like throwing a rock threw a window to get himself thrown in jail and to have a warm place to stay over the winter. It seems that he was known by the local police and this was a routine that repeated itself for several years. Weenie eventually faded into memory for most of us but he too in his own small way made a lasting impression that some remember to this day.

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