The New Horn Movie Theater

It was the upmteenth time that I had watched Peter Cushing chasing Dracula around trying to put that stake in his heart, and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to make the trip down the aisle and to the men’s restroom, with all the hazards that it entailed. That was many years ago, and the place was the New Horn Theater. Back during the 60’s, the New Horn Movie theater up on W. Pratt Street in Southwest Baltimore was a place that you could go to for the cost of a quarter, and sit there all day, watching the Double Feature and funnies, as unlike today, the New Horn didn’t chase you out after the movie was over, but you could stay as long as you wanted to, watching the movies several times.

The New Horn was constructed like most old movie theaters during that time; large middle row, with rows of seats on both sides and spacious aisles between the rows of seats. The large full size screen was viewable at all locations as the theater was slanted downwards at a pretty steep angle and leveled off at the bottom. The had several nickle machines in the lobby to buy candy of various types and a concession stand as well. They also allowed smoking in the bathroom, or perhaps the rules against it weren’t enforced but in any case that’s where there was usually a couple of tough looking teenagers hanging out and was what I always dreaded having to face.

Picture Uploaded by elmorovivo

As far as the movie fare, they usually showed movies that had been around for a while. I remember seeing a lot of ‘Gladiator’ movies as well as the cheap horror films like ‘The Brides of Dracula’, ‘Horror of Dracula’, ‘Blood of Dracula’ and ‘Weekend at Dracula’s(only kidding about the last one). But they had excellent cartoons and I believe I remember some ‘Three Stooges’ shorts. In any case, it was a cheap way for a kid or group of kids to spend an afternoon being entertained, and as for those cheap horror movies, it was the trip to the bathroom that scared me more than Dracula!

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