Gwynns Falls History

I found this article while looking around on the Internet. It talks about some of the businesses that were around in Southwest Baltimore back before the turn of the century. My Uncle Wick worked over at Union Stockyards and I use to go over there and hang on the fence and wait for the farmers to bring the hogs in from the country. He let me walk with him a couple of times while he was herding the hogs into their holding pens but being only ten or eleven, I didn’t recognize the danger with the size and tusks of the Bore Hogs, and could have easily been gored if it were not for the quick action of my uncle, who with his stick turned the big hogs away from me and in the other direction. Before the road was built that now leads into the Industrial Park, they use to bring the animals in by a bridge that was at the end of Brunswick St. I remember seeing and walking out on the remnants of the bridge before it was completely torn down. You can still see the concrete bridge supports at the end of Brunswick Street across to the other side.

My family also had connections with the hair factory that was located down where the Westside Shopping sits today. I can’t recall who or what they did there but I know from my brother Rick doing a family history that we had family members that worked there. More than likely, every family had ties to the Curled Hair Factory as they employed around 1,000 people in their heyday. It’s interesting to imagine what the place that many of us grew up in would have looked like back then, but we do have pictures that give us a glimpse of that time.

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