Ruthie’s Diner

I don’t know how many people remember this place but there use to be a diner down across from the building that was once Westinghouse, on Catherine Street. It sat behind what is now an auto repair shop at Wilkens and Catherine. I never went into the place myself but the reason I bring it up is that they opened early in the morning and a couple of acquaintances, actually a family member and his buddy use to hit the diner in the mornings after the donut man would show up and leave the donuts outside as the donut person got there before the place opened. It must have been disconcerting for the owner and customers to find that their donuts and danishes had been hijacked, but I’m sure the neighborhood gang enjoyed the generosity of two criminals in the making. I believe that after a few times of this happening, they stopped leaving the donuts outside. It seems strange that there was a diner down at the location with the dirt, traffic from the United Iron and Metal, and the local population of rodents. Wouldn’t seem to be the ideal place to sit down and chow, but apparently the local residents and workers didn’t seem to mind, or perhaps they just didn’t give it any thought.

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