It’s Krall, Not Kraw!

Yea, the title is a cheap rip off of a line from the ‘Get Smart’ T.V. series, which actually was a pretty funny show. The opening scene with the numerous doors reminds me of a place that I go to from time to time down in D.C. at Dupont Circle. The building has a similar setup in that when you go to exit into the garage, there are four heavy doors that you have to open in order to get to the garage. I believe it’s constructed that way for fire purposes, but every time I’m over there, it reminds me of the opening scene of the show.

Speaking of ‘Krall’, there was a dentist in S.W. Baltimore who had an office on Wilkens Avenue that I went to a couple of times. Let’s just say that if they had a ‘Baltimore’s Best 100 Dentists’ back in the day, he wouldn’t have made the top 1000. I only went there twice, but both times I came out with one less tooth. The guy was just not about saving teeth. “Yep, he would say, that tooth has to go”. “What”? I would be thinking. The second and last time I went to Krall, after he yanked out my tooth, he gave me some cotton and said “keep it in your mouth for a few minutes”. Well, I did that and some, but by the time I had walked back to the neighborhood, it was bleeding profusely.

Perhaps I’m just a little prejudiced when it comes to the good doctor, but I’ve known several people who went to see him and none of them had anything good to say about their experience. It seems that Dr Krall was the Doctor Dinkle of the Dentistry profession. I know all we had to say to our dog ‘Boots’ was “Dr Dinkle” and he would start to shake and slowly get up and go upstairs. It’s a shame there wasn’t anyone to shout at me, “Doctor Krall”, before I went to see him. I’m shaking just thinking about it.

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