Montgomery Wards

Montgomery Wards was located at Washington Blvd. and Monroe Street and was a Baltimore landmark for many years. I worked out of there for several summers while working for Mr. Murphy who had a Plumbing and Heating company and did all of the subcontracting work for them, installing water heaters in Baltimore and all around the surrounding counties. What most people don’t know is that they had an underground rail system similar to what miners would use where they would have cars running on tracks that connected the main store with the warehouse over near Carroll Park Golf Course. I was down there several times, and it was fascinating seeing the system in place as cars would arrive at the main store with the carts loaded with merchandise from one of the warehouses.

The building itself was a huge multi-floor building and two floors were dedicated to product sales and featured just about every thing available at that time. The last thing I recall about the store is seeing one of the first VHS players up on the second floor for sale, and the price?……$995!, which would probably be the equivalent of several thousand dollars today! While the store itself is long gone, the building still exists and is used by several businesses as well as government offices.

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