Mrs Griffith…A Schoolboy’s Nightmare

Thinking back to schoolboy days and the teachers that i had, if you’re like me, there was probably a couple of teachers that you really liked that stood out from the rest, a couple that you didn’t care for, and many you don’t remember much at all. However, for me, the one teacher that I would have to say really comes to mind in a not so positive way and I disliked the most, a teacher that didn’t seem to have too many redeeming qualities at all, was Mrs Griffith, the 5th grade teacher at Betsy Ross. The one thing I can say about Mrs. Griffith was that she was consistent, that is, consistently miserable. Perhaps others had a better experience with her, but I remember her being mean and nasty.

There was one time, when I was called to the blackboard to work out some problem and trying to tell her in my shy way that I had to use the bathroom, she just ignored me, and told me to do the problem. Well, as you might imagine, the water works finally came, and I made a quick exit down to the bathroom on the ground floor. Trying to figure out how to get out of there and down to my house without being seen and embarrassed too much was my main concern, and after seeing that the coast was clear, made a fast exit down to my house.

Once I got there, and explained why I was home, my father and I marched back up to the school(after changing my pants)and right to the principle’s office and that issue was quickly resolved. I heard years later that Mrs. Griffith had been beaten up by one of the students and while I don’t condone it, it doesn’t surprise me that it happened. From what I heard about some of the nuns at St. Benedict’s, she would have been better suited to teach there, as she would have been in her glory banging knuckles and whatever other kind of capital punishment she could dish out.

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