Mr. Harry

I will try to do this story justice, but it’s one of those experiences where you really had to be there to appreciate it. As I look back on it, it worked out so well that it seemed to have been planned out but I believe it was just a spur of the moment idea that played out very well. Let me mention who was involved in the play; there was Milton Fiefel, my brother Tom, Richard Bateman, Harry Gallion(Mr Harry) the victim Jeff and myself. This happened on a summer day at the location shown here,

The scene of the crime

A couple of the guys, most likely Milton and my brother Tom decided to come up with a plan to mess with Jeff, a guy of about eighteen that was from Pittsburgh and had only been down in Baltimore for a short while, staying with a guy named Don, who lived on Millington betweeen Fred’s store and Dan’s sub shop. Now Don was well, let’s just say he was ‘light in the loafers’ but was not the typical feminine type but was more so a bully, punk and most likely a predator as he had young guys stay with him from time to time, and he didn’t try to hide his tendencies. Most of the younger guys avoided him.

On this day, Harry was to play the part of the ‘tough guy’ that had just gotten out of prison and was on the hunt for Richard for wrongs he had done him. As Jeff wandered down to where we were sitting, Milton and my brother Tom started to talk up Mr. Harry, how bad he was, and all that. They also mentioned whatever you do, DO NOT LOOK HIM IN THE EYES! Well, after they had convinced Jeff that Mr. Harry was a bad bad dude, who happens to come walking up the street? Mr. Harry himself. As Mr. Harry comes walking over to us, he casually starts talking about Richard and how when he catches him, he’s going to take care of him in his way. Mr. Harry also has what looks like a gun sticking out of his pocket.

After a few minutes of conversation, Mr. Harry casually says to me, “have you seen Richard”?. I respond kind of nervously, “no Mr. Harry, I haven’t seen him”. Then he says to my brother Tom, “how about you, have you seen him”? “Nah, Mr. Harry” my brother says, “I haven’t seen Richard”. Lastly, Mr. Harry turns to Milton and asks him, “how about you, have you seen him around”? Milton slowly and quietly says, “no, I haven’t seen him, but that guy has”, pointing towards Jeff. About this time, Jeff was about to crap himself as all the color went from his face as he looked down at the ground, not looking Mr. Harry in the eyes. Mr. Harry then raises his voice and says angrily, “you know where he’s at”? Jeff stammered and stuttered, as he said “no, no, I” about this time, Harry spots Richard in the alley, and behind the wall, as Harry sees him and says, “There he is, I’m going to shoot your ass”, as Harry also steps out of view behind the wall. At this time, Milton, who just happened to have a firecracker in his pocket, lights it discreetly, and flips it around the edge of the wall, out of site from Jeff, and with an explosion, Richard comes running out of the alley, across the street yelling and hollering like he was being murdered, as Mr. Harry steps out from the alley brandishing his ‘gun’. When we looked around, Jeff was gone. We heard that he had moved back to Pittsburgh the next day.

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