Canada Dry Follies

A friend called me one afternoon and said that his cousin who worked at Canada Dry over in Lansdowne had been on the phone with him and told him that they were really short of help and could use a couple of people tonight and asked if he knew of anyone that would be interested? Well, since I was living a ‘Bohemian’ existence working here and there when the opportunity and spirit moved me, I figured why not, what could be so hard about loading cases of sodas on a truck or skid?(I was in my early 20’s at the time). So, Bob and I wandered over towards the soda company later that evening but not before he decided that he needed to grab a little lunch and stopped at the Gino’s nearby and grabbed 5 Gino Giant’s and proceeded to eat all of them in which he paid a price later on that evening.

When we got to the warehouse, the supervisor greeted us or more so growled at us when we arrived. The supervisor was named Joe, and he was a short bald headed guy of about 60 or so, and had a gruff voice, and worried look on his face. One of the guys said he’s alright, he’s just under a lot of stress at home and here, and we certainly didn’t help the stress part as the night wore on.

I was led over to a big old country boy named Rudy who proceeded to tell me that I needed to load the soda’s on the skid this way, and not that way. After a short time, he started to badger me about not loading the soda’s the right way or fast enough or some other what I considered ridiculous reason. After about the third time that he started getting on my case, I was about ready to tell him where he could stick his case of ‘Almond Smash’ when I walked away and over to one of the other guys to tell him what was going on. The guy named Steve told me that Rudy worked about four jobs and was just worn out, and not to pay any attention to him. So, after hearing that, I looked at the situation a bit differently and went about doing what I had been until I was called away.

The fun really started to kick into high gear about an hour later when Steve comes in and starts to tell Joe something, you could see Joe start yelling, “ahhh, blankety blank” and so on, doing some good old cussing while chewing Steve out. Apparently, Steve had gone out to the lot to bring the soda truck around, and while driving, took the corner a little too fast, and having one of the doors open, a bunch of cases of soda wound up on the parking lot, busted and making a mess. Not to be outdone, a bit later one of the guys named Chuck was driving a fork lift with several cases of soda’s on the forklift when he came to an abrupt stop while putting the forks down, and the cases of soda’s came sliding off onto the floor bursting several more cases of soda’s. Again, Joe arrived on the scene and started on Chuck with ‘Ahhh, blankety blank, I’ll never get home”.

About an hour later, one of the guys asked Bob if he had ever driven a fork lift and I guess Bob must have told him “yea” because the next thing I know Bob was on the forklift and managed after a few spits and sputters to get it over to the wall where he was told to grab a couple of cases from up top and bring them down. Bob proceeded to try and grab the sodas and did manage to get the forks up but his positioning of the forks was a bit off as he missed the holes by about a foot or so and the next thing you heard was ‘pop, pop, pop’ as the forks began bursting the sodas. Again Joe the supervisor was called and he just about reached his limit as he really let out with a tirade of expletives and finished again with a “Ahhh, I’ve never get home tonight”.

The rest of the evening passed pretty quickly and there was not much else that was accomplished. Both of us left with a few cases of ‘Canada Dry’ sodas courtesy of Canada Dry. I figured that we were paid about $4 bucks an hour that night for the six or so hours that we were there, and no doubt cost them a lot more than that. They never called us back!

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