Monumental Paper Company Fire

I don’t know how many other people remember the Monumental Paper Company fire that happened back somewhere in the early 60’s but that was one of the biggest fires that I can recall, and oddly enough, there’s no mention of it anywhere on the internet or Baltimore papers. For those that don’t know, the company was located over next to the Union Stockyards in Southwest Baltimore close to Morrell Park. The fire burned all night, and they had to move much of the livestock for fear that it would set the whole stockyards and it’s old wooden pens on fire. I remember going down to the end of Brunswick Street and watching it for while. The fire was so intense that when I went back home, you could see the orange glow of the fire over at the back of my house on Dulany Street. I know that it took several days for the fire to be finally considered out, as the plant was loaded with paper.

Another fire that stands out in my memory was the Lastings Paint Company fire that happened up at Franklintown Road. That was one that I was up at for a while, and because of the paint, the fire was very hard to extinguish. Those two are the biggest fires that I recall in my lifetime but strange that you don’t find much mention of either one. Perhaps they weren’t as big as I recall but do stand out in my memory.

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