One of things that I recall from back in the 60’s was that several people in the area kept and raised pigeons. While I remember seeing several pigeon coops, Mr. Murphy a few houses up from us on Dulany Street had the best setup. Mr. Murphy had a large coop at the bottom of his yard and he kept quite a few pigeons in there. I recall that he would cut them loose every evening that he was home just before it got dark. They would fly around for a while and then settle back down in the coop for the evening. I guess they would have called them ‘homing pigeons’ as opposed to ‘homeys’. I believe that Mr. Murphy would sometimes take the birds a distance away and release them and perhaps the ones that returned the quickest won some kind of prize or award(the person, not the pigeon). Unfortunately, I remember they had trouble with people trying to steal them, and of course the cats would also get in there from time to time.

The pigeons were actually in the ‘Dove’ family and were known as ‘Rock Doves’. I remember that some of the kids when they were down at the tracks would throw rocks up trying to hit some of the ‘Diggs’. I never got the idea of hurting other animals, and as I’ve gotten older, I have less tolerance for it. Anyhow, I do remember that pigeons were quite the hobby back then for several of the city residents.

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