Keyser’s Pond

My brother and I took a ride out to Halethorpe so that I might find out what still exists down at what we called Keyser’s Pond. It was a place that was quite popular back in the 60’s as people would go out there to swim, fish or just party. The pond was an old quarry and could be quite treacherous as the water had many drops. I remember hearing that a few people had drowned there. In any event, there are probably many people who live or did live in the area that perhaps don’t even know that it exists but I was surprised to find out that it does indeed exist and they have turned it into a part of Patapsco State Park. You can’t really drive down to it anymore as they have the road blocked off, but it’s just a short walk down to the area. However, it is quite grown up as it doesn’t look as if it gets much use anymore.

When we lived out at Meadow Ghetto, my brother Dave, myself, and our dog Boots would usually tag along as we would walk out to Keyser’s to find a place to take a dip during those hot summer days. We found a nice spot where someone was kind enough to leave a skid, and we would put Boots on the skid and push the skid out about 20 yards and start rocking the skid back and forth as Boots would eventually fall off, and swim back to shore. After shaking himself off he would start barking to let us know that he was ready to do it again.

I recall that Keyser’s Pond was split off into two sections with a little area of land that divided the two ponds.(The picture displays just a small part of one side of the pond).The pond itself is loaded or at least was loaded with turtles and I imagine the fishing is probably pretty good as well. It has been many years since I was last there but I recall going out with my older brother Tom and later Dave and also going with Ron Russell, a guy from the neighborhood. I believe that’s the first time I had ever seen girls in bikini’s, perhaps that is the reason that I have such fond memories of the place? For whatever reason, just another memory that reminds of those days wayyyyyy back then.

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