Wilton Farm Dairy

Unless you are older than threescore and five(I will be in a couple of weeks)you wouldn’t know that this…

Used to look like this….

Back in the 60’s, cows used to graze here, across from what is now the Giant- Wilkens Avenue Shopping Plaza, I remember seeing those Holsteins out there, and even now when I go out that way, it seems so out of place that cows would have been where those town homes stand today. I don’t remember there being a building where they actually milked the cows there, but I would imagine there had to be as I don’t think that they drove the cows back and forth everyday to this place to have them milked..

The old Wilton Farm Building on Frederick Avenue

Wilton Farm Dairy was at this location on Frederick Avenue. They closed the business many years ago, and Carroll Awning Company now occupies that building. I recall that Wilton Farm Dairy made home deliveries back then and also had other products like those powdered donuts that I liked so much. I know that John Brooks drove for them for a while, and probably others in the area as well.