West Virginia Bound

Have you ever done anything on a whim that when you look back on it, seems even more unbelievable 50 years later? Well, my brother Rick and his friend Bob(yep that Bob)decided that they were going to bicycle up to West Virginia one summer evening when he and Bob were both about 15, and carried with them no money and two Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for their trip. They left around midnight and rode on out through Catonsville and had just about got to Rt. 70 when a cop stopped them and asked where they were going? “We’re going to West Virginia” one or both said. With an incredulous look, the cop asked them their names, and then asked for the phone number of their parents.

Rick said that he gave them our house phone number and when the officer called the house, my brother Tom answered. The officer then asked him if he knew that Richard and William Thomas(Bob used my name as an alias) were bicycling to West Virginia? Rick said my brother Tom responded nonchalantly “yea’. The cop hung up and shook his head, and told them “well, you’re going to have to go back home, you can’t get on Rt. 70”. So Rick and Bob turned around and headed back home, and as they were going down the hill in Ellicott City, Bob’s bike suffered a blowout. They had to walk all the way back home from Ellicott City probably hating themselves for having went forth on such a crazy venture. I would have to say that I’ve done some very dumb things in my life, but I don’t know if any of them rises up to that level. Talk about the original Dumb and Dumber!

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