Dog Days of August

Even though I was born in August, I would have to say that as I get older it is my least favorite time of year. After several months of unrelenting hot humid days, you are ready for a change. It was the same growing up back in the schooldays of the sixties. I remember come June, how exciting it was to be off from school and being able to do what you want without the drudgery of sitting in a hot classroom for six hours a day. At first there were endless days of play, baseball, playing catchers or Redline, going down to the woods and tracks, if you were lucky perhaps a trip to the beach or Gwynn Oak Park, and numerous other things.

As the summer wore on into the month of August, I recall that even back then, we were growing tired of having done everything that we could do, and although I don’t know that we were necessarily looking forward to going back to school, we were I believe getting a bit bored and ready for something different. Just the way we’re constituted, a little of something is ok, but too much of the same thing becomes tiresome. Although the first few days of school could be a bit unnerving with a new teacher and classmates, you usually adjusted pretty quickly as kids seem to do, and settled in for another school year, until the next long summer recess came again.

While the weather experts say that in this part of the world July is actually the hottest month, it always seems to me that August is the worst. It’s probably because by the time August rolls around you’ve already had a couple months of the hot stifling weather and ready for a change. Personally, I’m ready for a change from the Dog Days of August, and the promise of the cooler days and nights that late September and October bring.

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