Month: September 2019

Jury Duty

I received a letter from the Baltimore City Juror Commissioner stating that it was time again for punishment. Going to jury duty is one of my least favorite things, just a little less than being subjected to watching ‘The View’ nonstop for eternity. The problem I have with it other than being an infringement on my time, is that for the most part it is a complete waste of time. If you’re fortunate you will..

Coast to Coast

I just got back from a trip out to Seattle. It seems somewhat amazing to me that you can be sitting in an airport in Seattle and then a little more than four hours later you are touching down in Baltimore. While I don’t particularly like to fly anymore, sometimes it is a necessity as traveling in any other manner would take too long. Perhaps one day we will be able to travel like they..

Go West….Old Fella

I’m getting ready to make like a fetus and head out of Harm City for a bit. I’m going out to the Seattle area to see family and check out some of the natural beauty like Olympic National Park. My sister tells me that things have changed quite a bit since I last lived out there in 2006, so I’m interested to see what changes time has brought. Speaking of heading out, my great, great,..

Perfect Shot

One day back when I was about twelve, Johnny Allenbaugh and I were playing out behind his grandparents house in what we called the ‘Big Alley’. I can’t recall what we were doing but we often played some kind of ball there, but in any event what we were doing is of no consequence. I don’t know when or how it started, but Johnny and a boy named ‘Rock’ who was of the Bateman clan,..

Before Caller I.D.

Although it may seem unfathomable to many, but there was a time really not that long ago when there was no Internet, Cell Phones, Cable T.V., Artificial Intelligence and no ‘Caller I.D.’ Back then when you received a telephone call you had no idea who was calling, whether it was someone you wanted to speak with, a bill collector or possibly a ‘prank call’. Back before all those things were invented, we used landlines or..

First Job, Worst Job

There comes a time when we all get that first paying job. I’m not talking about the newspaper delivery or cutting the neighbor’s grass type job, but the first job where you had to show up at a certain time, dressed in a certain way, and expected to perform specific functions. For me, the first job that I can remember where I actually worked for a real company was the Westside Gift Shop down at..


Fall is fast approaching(thank goodness) and like clockwork football will soon be the primary focus for avid sports fans. I use to be one of those avid NFL watchers but between the money, interjection of politics and thuggery of what has become the National Felony League, I just don’t have the interest any longer. Growing up, I participated in sports of all types, and played my share of football. Most of the time we played..