Perfect Shot

One day back when I was about twelve, Johnny Allenbaugh and I were playing out behind his grandparents house in what we called the ‘Big Alley’. I can’t recall what we were doing but we often played some kind of ball there, but in any event what we were doing is of no consequence. I don’t know when or how it started, but Johnny and a boy named ‘Rock’ who was of the Bateman clan, got into a beef and it must have been pretty loud because Johnny’s grandmother wandered down to the end of the yard to see what all the commotion was about. After a couple of minutes of lecturing the boys, she told Johnny to get in the house. As he and I begrudgingly walked towards the house, about halfway there, Johnny picked up some object and tossed it towards the alley at Rock but it must have missed him by a mile because Rock continued to woof back at Johnny and his grandmother while flailing his arms around like he was actually beating someone up(no doubt he had Johnny in mind).

As Rock continued to argue with Johnny’s grandmother, we had reached the back door and I was ready to go into the house when Johnny reached down and grabbed a small clay flowerpot about the size of his hand, picked it up and with a ‘Hail Mary’ toss, threw in the direction of the alley about 30 yards away and the next thing I saw was the flowerpot connecting with Rock’s head as the pot exploded sending clay fragments it all directions. Rock grabbed ahold of his head with both hands, and started yelling, “awwwll wow wow wow”, or something to that effect, as we burst out laughing and wandered into the house. I think of that incident from time to time, and how unlikely it was that he could have reached down and nonchalantly tossed the flower pot from that distance with the perfect shot to the head. Fortunately, no harm must have come to Rock as we never heard anymore about it. Thinking back, ‘Rock’ was a suitable name for him because his head must have been as hard as a rock the way the pot exploded on contact. The perfect shot to a boy named Rock.

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