Go West….Old Fella

I’m getting ready to make like a fetus and head out of Harm City for a bit. I’m going out to the Seattle area to see family and check out some of the natural beauty like Olympic National Park. My sister tells me that things have changed quite a bit since I last lived out there in 2006, so I’m interested to see what changes time has brought. Speaking of heading out, my great, great, great, great grandfather decided to head west back in 1870’s. His name was Abraham and he was the original immigrant from Germany. My brother has done a good amount of family research and discovered that Abraham made the trek from Baltimore to the Sacramento California area back then but we have no idea why or what happened to him when he got there. We don’t know if he traveled by stagecoach or train as the first transcontinental railroad opened about that time. I have a tough time sitting in a plane for five hours so I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to travel across country by stagecoach. The California Gold Rush was going on about that time so it’s possible he wanted a piece of that action, but, he was close to 70 at the time so I can’t imagine he was up to that. Yep, they were a hardier bunch back then for sure.

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