Hey Mon

If you have lived anywhere around Baltimore for the last decade or so, you have most likely seen a guy jogging around town that we call ‘Hey Mon’. I have seen this guy in every part of the city at one time or another but lately he seems to have confined himself to the west side as he looks to be getting a little long in the tooth, as his jogging has become more like a slow walk. When I saw him recently, he had his head completely covered and sunglasses on, and continues his Forest Gump routine up and down Wilkens Avenue and surrounding areas.

Back in the day, John Brooks and I decided that we were going to jog down to the Bay Bridge from the neighborhood, as jogging was quite the thing back then, and as we were into fitness, we thought we could pull it off. We started off early one Saturday afternoon, and started jogging over towards Ritchie Highway, and down towards the Bay Bridge. We got down below Severna Park and neither one of us wanted to give it up but we finally called it quits about five miles or so from the bridge. While it wasn’t quite up to Hey Mon’s standards, it wasn’t too shabby considering we didn’t spend a lot of time training for it, but was more a spur of the moment idea. Thinking about it years afterwards, seems like a crazy idea, but crazy was quite normal back then.