Time Stand Still

There was a song done by the Canadian Rock Band ‘Rush’ entitled ‘Time Stand Still’ back in 1987. The songwriter is saying in essence that while he doesn’t want to live in the past, but would like to be able to stop time for a while to enjoy the moment, make the moment last a little big longer to be able to look around at the people and places around him. I was thinking along those lines today as I was out enjoying a beautiful Fall afternoon. It was the kind of day that you wished would last a lot longer, where you could take the time to enjoy and reflect on some things but mainly just enjoy the moment. I’m sure most of us remember being young and after a trying day would say to our parents, “I can’t wait until I get older and can”…. and the parents would say something along the lines of “don’t wish you life away, you’ll find out just how quickly time passes soon enough”. It is rather fascinating how the concept of time changes as you get on in years. Although a day is a day is a day, it seems as if the days, weeks, months and years do tend to pick up speed the older we get. Have you noticed how the holidays seem to roll around a little bit faster every year?

There are indeed times when I wish that I could make ‘time stand still’ to enjoy the present moment and take in all around me. We only have a limited amount of time on this earth, it’s a shame that we have to use so much of it doing things that we have to, and not enough making time stand still as we enjoy the present moment in ‘time’.