Hold the Hot Sauce

Charles Zill and I use to do a lot of different jobs back in the early 80’s when we started a venture we called ‘Take a Way’. One of the things that we would often do is clean out homes that had unwanted stuff that was still usable. On this particular day, Charles, myself and my brother Dave had also tagged along to clean out a house in Pikesville, Maryland that the realtor was getting ready to put up for sale. This house would probably be considered a million dollar house by today’s standards, really fancy inside.

Before starting the job, we stopped at a store to grab something to eat. While there, my brother Dave decided to grab a jar of cherry peppers and proceeded to go through the whole jar and drank some of the juice as well. About halfway into our cleaning out venture, nature came calling for my brother Dave’s abuse of his buddy with his hot stuff and he disappeared for a bit. He returned a while later and said that there was no running water and he had “ahhhh, sort of made a mess”. Well, checking it out, he had indeed come up a few inches short on his location and had made a freaking mess. Having no water, we were ‘s..t out of luck’ so to speak; we couldn’t leave the house in that condition so we had to come up with some kind of solution for my brothers mishap. The saving grace for us was that nature had provided a remedy in that it was a summer’s day and we had thunderstorms. We made Dave go out with a couple of buckets and gather up enough water to take care of this crappy situation. After about 20 minutes, he had gathered enough rain water to take care of his ‘accident’, and we were off to the next job.

Dave went with us on a few other occasions but we always told him from there on out to ‘hold off on the hot sauce’ and stick with burgers and fries.

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