When Halloween Was Fun

It seems that society is intent on taking the fun out of everything in today’s world. With the crazies and political correctness run amok, it seems that the only way kids can have fun today is sitting in front of a computer and entering into the world of fantasy as they do battle against others in war games and other artifically created worlds. Take Halloween for instance, back when I was kid, Halloween was a real blast. The streets would be filled with kids going door to door looking to fill their bags with treats. I even recall that it wasn’t just a one night thing, as some would ‘trick or treat’ a couple of nights before Halloween. There was even a family down the street that would hop on a bus and go out to Catonsville the night before Halloween to get the goodies from the ‘rich folks’ before the crowds of kids descended upon the houses on Halloween night.

As far as the things we use to do, most of them were quite tame in comparison to what you might find today. Some of the things that usually accompanied Halloween were cutting clothes lines, soaping up windows and snatching bags from other kids. I confess that I snatched a bag from a boy one time, and I felt quite bad about it, but I wasn’t about to tell him that I was the one who had stolen his bag of treats. There was another thing that I recall and that was a few of us younger kids were used as bait to taunt the Canadians from across Frederick Avenue who had been ‘trick or treating’ in the neighborhood to chase us, and when they had finally had enough and chased us down and around the corner there was a gang of kids waiting for them that chased them back across Frederick Avenue.

Like many other things in today’s society, Halloween just ‘ain’t’ the same. In my neighborhood, there will probably be perhaps 20 or so kids that will come knocking on the door and usually the trick or treaters are done by 8 or so. Hell, when we were young, we would be trick or treating until late and some of the adults would be saying “shouldn’t you be home boy?”. As opposed to trick or treating, it seems that today many parents have ‘Halloween Parties’ for kids as opposed to having them out trick or treating, and with all the craziness in the world, one can understand that. It’s just one more example of how fortunate I feel I was to have grown up back when kids could be kids, and having fun was quite normal, and not something to be feared.

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