Hot Off the Grill

I would venture the supposition that as teenagers most of us didn’t mind having fun at someone else’s expense. Since Dan’s Sub Shop was the focal point for many of the neighborhood activities, and since the Boo Boo’s happened to live next door to the sub shop, they often bore the brunt of the pranks that the locals would come up with. One of the stunts that I remember some of the guys pulling was putting some coins on the grill, getting them hot and then tossing them out in the street and watching Betty and Eddie bend over to pick up the coins, getting some toasty fingers in the process. Sometimes some of the guys would toss coins at their exteriors as they would bend over to pick up the coins. The Boo Boo’s didn’t seem to mind the indignity too much as they seemed intent on picking up all the coins that were in the streets. It was just one of the many ways that the local lads would entertain themselves at the expense of the Boo Boo’s. I don’t remember participating in that one, not that I was above having fun at someone else’s expense, but I believe I was most likely too young and shy to get involved at that time. This was just one of the many pranks that were pulled on the Boo Boo’s as they were just odd enough to be the likely candidates for that role.

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