Hanging Out at Boone’s Farm With Bali-Hai and Annie Green Spring

I am pretty much a non-drinker and have been for many years. However, there was a time back when I was much younger that like most teeenagers, I began to start experimenting with different things like alcohol, and I remember that one of the first things that I drank as a teenager was ‘Bali-Hai’, a cheap wine, that cost about $0.60 cents a bottle. Although I can’t remember how, a couple of guys and myself would scrouge up enough money to get one of the guys of legal age to get us a couple bottles of Bali-Hai and would wander down to the woods, out of sight of our parents and others.

A little bit later, we discovered Annie Green Springs and especially ‘Plum Hollow’, a grape tasting wine that was sort of an upgrade from Bali-Hai. We next discovered Boone’s Farm ‘Strawberry Hill’, and soon left Bali-Hai behind. I read recently that a company is going to bring back the Annie Green Springs wine for a new generation although I doubt the price will be less than a $1.00 a bottle like it was when we were imbibing it. As mentioned, after obtaining a couple bottles, we would usually wander down to the woods and hang out, listen to some music, and if it was winter start a fire with some wood, tires, or whatever was available.

Later on, I expanded my horizons, and tried out some other ‘manly’ drinks like ‘Southern Comfort’, Rum, Vodka, etc., and a couple of times decided to mix them up and drink several at the same time with the expected results. One time I remember waking up in a gas station up in Pennsylvania somewhere, and wound up hanging out the window all the way back to North Robinson Street. I’m sure the other guy, who will remain anonymous, couldn’t wait to get me to my house as it appeared that I was going to throw up everything…including my guts, and some in his brand new Red Chevy Chevelle.

There were some fun times back then, but more of a rite of passage as it was expected that at a certain point a young guy was supposed to start doing some forbidden things like drinking and other stuff. While I didn’t do a lot of the illegal stuff, I tried a few things, but generally stuck with alcohol. Having seen what the other drugs like Heroin did to some of the young guys and girls in the neighborhood, including my brother, I’m glad that I was too scared to try anything other than some booze and marijuana. While Bali-Hai and Boone’s Farm may have not provided the same ‘high’ as the other more powerful drugs, it was enough for me, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

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