Another Dubious Milestone for Baltimore

I just heard on the news today that Baltimore is just another shooting victim or two away from reaching 300 murders again this year. While the politicians pontificate about “things need to change”, residents do their candlelight marches, and the revolving door of police commissioners continues, nothing really changes. While many reasons are given for the continuing violence including remnants of slavery, drug trade, lack of job opportunities, illegitimacy, education and others, the fact is that the killings continue and things like ‘no gun zones’, and increased police presence just means that they just move their activities to the next block or corner. And it’s not just Baltimore but other large cities have the same issues with violence. Although it’s not politically correct, the fact is that the large majority of shootings is Black on Black and where you have large contingents of minorities in large cities, you have a higher percentage of crime. Some people point to New York and Mayor Giuliani and how they reduced crime with their ‘no tolerance ‘ policy but the fact is you couldn’t institute that policy here with the demographic makeup of Baltimore being a largely Black population and all political offices in the city being held by Blacks, as the Freddie Gray episode showed, politicans like Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby have no problem using the race card where it serves their interests, and are willing to throw others under the bus.

So what’s the solution? I don’t know if there one at present as the combination of the drug trade, lack of jobs, illegitmacy,(about 75% of Black children are born illegitimately)government interference, political correctness and a demographic makeup that makes it suicidal for Baltimore politicians to address some of the real reasons behind the social problems, I believe the ‘killing fields’ in Baltimore will continue.

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