Baltimore Politicians….Bush League Criminals

With another ex Baltimore Mayor being indicted today for wire fraud and tax evasion revolving around a scheme of self published children’s books, it occured to me that Baltimore’s politicians are in the minor leagues when it comes to criminal activity. Take for instance Sheila Dixon, another ex Baltimore Mayor charged with stealing ‘gift cards’. I mean that’s the best you can do? I believe that there needs to be a Political Crime School for aspiring political criminals. There are plenty of politicians in Washington who are well qualified and have the necessary credentials to teach such classes. They could teach politicians in cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland and many other places how to commit crimes that will be worthy of your calling, and how to get away with it. For instance, instead of dealing with low level crimes like stealing gift cards and shady deals for children’s books that you never write, you could instead focus on how to make your enemies disappear and make it seem like suicide. Or at the top level, how to get leaders from around the world to give billions to your so called ‘charitable foundation’ because they ‘uhm cough’ believe in your cause. Baltimore’s politicians should be above such low life criminal activity like stealing gift cards and I believe there is an entrepreneurial calling waiting to be seized upon. In any event, it will be interesting to see if the newly appointed Mayor of Baltimore can learn from the mistakes of his former bosses and avoid sinking to the level of petty political crimes. Baltimore and the country will be watching.

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