Thanksgiving Memories

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and while it was always one of my favorite holidays, it’s not the same as it was when I was a young lad and had all the family with us. Even though we were quite poor, my folks managed to put together quite the spread for Thanksgiving. The day usually started with the Parade’s, including the Macy’s and the rest, and then about noon or so, it was time to watch football, and back then they usually only had the one game, which was the traditional game involving the Detroit Lions. Sometime in the afternoon, we would all get together and had our meal, and then we would wander off but usually not too far as everyone was quite stuffed from the food.

I remember one Thanksgiving where we went over to my Aunt’s in Dundalk, and it was quite different from the Thanksgivings at home, as they set out a fancy spread with tablecloth and silverware. We were use to coming to dinner as if it were just another day and saw no reason to get dressed up. Of course you couldn’t put on the feedbag like you could when you were home, and what really surprised me was when they poured a little bit of wine in the glasses sitting next to the plates, I mean it was just about enough to wet your lips, being young I didn’t understand that was the way it was done, I was expecting them to fill up the glass to the top, and was thinking, what am I supposed to do with that?

No, things are quite different now, as some in the family have passed on, and others live out of the area. Nowadays, there are only the two of us and see no reason to go all out with a huge fancy spread. My brother and his family don’t even bother to cook their own dinner but get it from Cracker Barrel. Perhaps I should consider doing the same as there really isn’t a lot of reason to deal with a lot of fuss and mess. Still the smell of a baking Turkey is one of those things that sticks in your memory banks as one of the traditions of the holiday.

Well, in any event, I do miss those family Thanksgivings from long ago. However, I won’t be watching those parades or the football games that have now evolved to be on for the whole day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!