The Deep Freeze of 1977

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the calendar has turned from November to December, the cold dark bone chilling days of December are upon us. My father used to say about those kind of days that it’s ‘raw’ outside. Still, we don’t seem to get the kind of winters that we used to, and except for an occasional ‘ringer’ thrown in every once in a while like the ice storms of 1993 or the blizzards of 2010, our winters are pretty mild in comparison to other places, and even what we use to have.

There is one winter however that stands out in my memory banks and that was the winter of 1977. Meteorologists have said that it was the coldest winter ever recorded on the East Coast, and as the picture in the article shows,

the Chesapeake Bay was completely frozen over. While you can see people walking out on the frozen bay, I heard stories that there were even people driving cars out there…I confess, that’s a little too bold for me as the thought of breaking through that ice and certain death would be enough to keep me a landlubber.

While I have ambivalent feelings about ‘Climate Change’, and don’t consider myself a ‘climate change denier’ I just can’t bring myself yet to believe that that cities on the coast will be inundated as many climate alarmists claim. In any event, I’ll be long gone by then, so perhaps Baltimore City will become the new Ocean City, but it won’t happen while I’m vertical.

In any event, I have often thought that I would like to live through a Buffalo or Minnesota winter just once in my life, as long as I don’t have to work, or venture out into, just sort of admire it from a window. Yea, I guess I’m not too hardy after all.

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