The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

Like most men from his era, my father wasn’t prone to excessive talk, and when he did it wasn’t usually a long drawn out lecture or anything like that but something quite concise and to the point. Not having much formal education but plenty of real world education such as growing up as a teenager during the Great Depression and then going off to war to spend nearly the next four years in Europe fighting to stay alive while calling a tank home would tend to shape your outlook on life, for the rest of your days. One could say that the times that they lived through shaped the men of that generation as they were men of few words, that didn’t show a lot of emotion, who didn’t complain, just took care of business and their families as best as they could.

However, there are some things that I remember my father saying and one that I have always remembered was when talking about my mother, or perhaps mothers in general was something like, “you’ll never have a better friend than your mother, she’s the best friend you’ll ever have in this world”. I’m certain that he was talking from his own personal experience because from what I’ve heard, he and his brothers and sister apparently adored their mother(my grandmother) as I have heard that she was indeed a lovely person.

Speaking of mothers, my mother would have been 90 years of age today as she was born on December 9, 1929. My mother had a fun loving personality, and really I don’t know of anyone that didn’t like my mom. She was always willing to help others, and really did wonders with the little that she had to work with as far as resources and raising five kids along the way. She was a people person and always had others coming by the house. I recall for a while that she belonged to the Civil Defense organization back in the early 60’s. She also enjoyed going to her little church up at Holy Cross on Millington Avenue. While my mother enjoyed going to church and reading the bible, she never tried to push any of it on us kids.(Well, except maybe for laying some guilt on my sister).

Like many mothers, she dealt with her share of heartache, and much of it revolved around my brother Tom as trouble seemed to follow him. We used to say that Tom was the ‘bad seed’ as he always seemed to have a defiant attitude and trouble followed him from an early age as he got into drugs while just a teenager. But my mother never gave up on him, and I remember that she would be the only one from the family that would go to see Tom during his sojourns in jail. I confess that I felt a lot of animosity towards my brother during those early years, as I despised some of the things that he was doing. But my mother never gave up on him, and as my father mentioned in a roundabout way, ‘there’s no love like a mother’s love’.

The point is, there is no one and no love quite like a mother’s love, and I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful mother, and I know that many others reading this post would say the same about their mother.

Mother’s are indeed the best friend you’ll ever have!