The Acropolis

My brother sent me a link the other day with a story about the closing of the Acropolis Restaurant in Greektown after 30 some years in business. It brought back memories of another Acropolis in Fells Point back when disco was hot, and it was a place that you could go to dance or just hang out and have a drink and watch others do their thing. I spent some time at the Acropolis back then. Usually it was Charles Zill and me, but there were some times when my brother Rick would join us, and there was a time or two when Bob Mathers came along as well. One time in particular comes to mind when all four of us were down at Fells Point hitting some of the bars.

On this particular night we had just come from the ‘Dead End Saloon’ and were making our way up towards Broadway walking along the side of the Acropolis bar when the side door popped open and one of us decided to shoot in, followed by the rest. The doorman was like “hey, you can’t,…” but gave it up as all four of us had entered by the time he even knew what had happened. Considering that the crowd was very sparse, I guess he figured the bar could use the four of us, and should forego the cover charge.

After having a drink or two, we decided to hit the dance floor as it was completely open and allowed for us to do our thing unencumbered. Charles did a routine of exercise and disco type moves, throwing in some jumping jacks, and other moves. Charles was quite the dancer as he had a lot of natural rhythm, and enjoyed dancing. Bob Mathers sort of did the ‘robot'(back before it was in vogue) and I did my thing throwing in some John Revolta moves along with whatever else came to mind. My brother reminds of the Saturday Night Fever move I decided to try with some Russian style moves..

and I was doing ok until the third time when I lost my balance and fell backwards towards the tables. There was a couple sitting there, and the guy was kind enough to give me a hard shove and I wound up back on the dance floor and played it off like it was all planned.

About this time Rick would disappear as he usually split before the rest of us. We would look around and he would be gone, up to the bus stop and home. Those were some fun times back then, and although I didn’t make a habit of hanging out in Fells Point, it was a place where you could go and have a good time as there were numerous bars for whatever you might be looking for in an atmosphere. It’s still a happening place although I believe the Acropolis has longed changed its name, and disco is nothing but a bad memory for many, but provided some good times and funny memories for us.

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