In Baltimore…Nothing Changes on New Year’s Day

As the ball gets ready to drop up in Times Square to ring in another New Year, in Baltimore, when in comes to violence and murder, nothing changes on New Year’s Day, for no matter how many ‘Candle Light Marches’, no matter how many times we have political leaders in Baltimore come out with statements like, “the killing has to stop” or “the level of violence in Baltimore is unacceptable” or “us killing us equals genocide” or any number of declarations by city officials, nothing changes, and in some cases it gets worse as it was reported today that Baltimore has set a per capita record for murders. ……….

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For despite whomever the mayor may be, regardless of how many Police Commissioners are appointed, regardless of what tactics the city employs to combat the situation, the shootings and violence continues, and it seems like the only thing that so called leaders in Baltimore City can do is look for scapegoats like the police, racism, guns, poverty or any number of reasons for the violence. But in any case, as another New Year’s descends upon us, the killing streets of Baltimore continue to flow with rivers of blood, and it seems there is no viable societal solution to the violence and like the line from the song ‘New Year’s Day’ by ‘U2’ says, ‘Nothing changes on New Year’s Day’, in Baltimore, when it comes to the shootings and murders, nothing truly changes on New Year’s Day.