No More Plastic Bags in Baltimore,.. a Band Aid on a Deeper Issue.

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young signed a bill doing away with the use of plastic bags in Baltimore, otherwise known as Baltimore Tree Ornaments. While I have no issue in trying to keep some of those ubiquitous plastic bags from winding up in rivers and trees, especially after a heavy rain, I wonder how much of a difference it will make as it seems that the mentality of many of the people in Baltimore is the real problem as they seem to have little concern about dumping trash anywhere they see fit, whether roads, highways, parks, alleys, you name it.

“Baltimore is listed as one of the dirtiest cities in the U.S.

While the city has made progress in cleaning up some of the rivers that flow through the city such as the Gwynns Falls and Jones Falls Rivers, still, too many people use the sewer drains as their waste disposal receptacle and consequently those notorious plastic bags, styrofoam cups, and just about every other kind of waste imaginable winds up along the river banks and in the trees after one of those heavy rains.

Another aesthetic issue that is quite conspicuous here in Charm City is the cigarette butts that you see at just about every major intersection in the city. I understand that many newer cars don’t have real ashtrays any longer, but can’t people find some other means of getting rid of their butts other than tossing them out the window at the red light?

While the new bill is sort of a feel good gesture and can help clean things up a bit, I don’t think you’re really going to see a whole lot of progress until the attitude of the citizens of Baltimore changes, and banning plastic bags or anything else is only going to have a limited impact on cleaning up Baltimore and putting a new face on this ‘tired old town’.

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