Culture of Baltimore

This article from Wikipedia provides some good insight into Baltimore and its culture. Baltimore has or in some cases ‘had’ a lot of things that were quite peculiar to it. While the article gives homage to Baltimore’s famed steamed crabs and crab cakes, there is also mention of Natty Bo, Bull and Oyster roasts, duckpin bowling, rowhomes, and companies like Bergers, Polock Johnny’s, Goetze’s candies(the caramel with the white stuff in the middle), Rheb’s Homemade Candies, and many other institutions that have been around for many generations and in many ways symbolize Baltimore and its working class history. While Baltimore is in many ways a ‘tired old town’ it still has some traditions that set it apart from other places, although watching the nightly ‘breaking news’ one sees another tradition that is all to common in Baltimore, a nightly body count.