Gwynns Falls River

I have spent a large part of my life living and playing around the Gwynns Falls River, wading through it as a child with my brother and friends, fishing in it, and actually swimming in it. Even though it was much more polluted back then, we managed to survive the waste that use to flow into the river, and I don’t glow fluorescent. I even remember when the river use to freeze over and you could walk out on the ice. There was a boy that was in my class up at Betsy Ross Elementary that was playing out on the ice with friends and he fell through and drowned. I remember his name being Clarence and it happened on a Sunday morning. Strange how the details of some things stick with you.

On another occasion, Bob Mathers and I were walking the Gwynns Falls River Trail when we happened to notice something that looked odd down in the river. Since we heard about a boy being swept down river from a surge of water upstream from thunderstorms the day before, we were kind of keeping our eyes out for anything unusual. When we saw something that looked very strange caught up against some rocks, we thought to investigate, and sadly it was the boy. Although it was reported that workers from the Carroll Park Golf course had discovered the body, it was actually Bob and I. So as one might say, the river giveth and the river taketh away.

I’m sure anyone that has lived in the area has similar experiences, both good and bad. Since I’ve spent so much of my time around and in it, I thought it might be nice to know a little bit about it, its origins and things like that. Clicking on the link will provide a short history of the river, and a couple of other tidbits.